Tom Cruise’s BMW stolen while shooting for Mission Impossible 7

Tom Cruise’s BMW stolen while shooting for Mission Impossible 7

Officials were able to find the BMW X7 using its monitoring device, but the actor’s things are still missing.

The BMW X7 of popular Hollywood star Tom Cruise’s bodyguard was stolen in Birmingham when the latter was filming Mission Impossible 7.

According to The Sun, the expensive automobile carried the actor’s luggage worth thousands of pounds when it was stolen. The automobile was valued at £100,000, or around Rs.1.01 crores.

The burglars used a scanner to clone the signal of the car’s keyless ignition fob as it was parked outside a Birmingham hotel, according to the investigation.

Because most current cars have keyless entry and ignition fobs, they are more vulnerable to theft because thieves use wireless transmitters.

They capture the signal by getting the targeted car to emit a message to the keyless fob, informed the report.

The signal is then captured by one of the accomplices standing close to the vehicle, fooling the car into thinking its key is within range.

This unlocks the car, and after the thief is inside, the same procedure may be used to start the engine using a blank fob programmed through the vehicle’s technical port.

The research also stated that crooks can use radiofrequency to jam the driver’s fob and keep the car unlocked as an alternative way. This will make it easier for them to gain access to the computer hardware in the car. The BMW X7 has been tracked and returned, but the luggage inside the car has gone missing, according to reports.