Pakistan’s Punjab government has announced that it will be blocking the mobile service of citizens who refuse to get the COVID-19 jab.

Initially reported by local media and then later confirmed by the Punjab health authority, those who do not get vaccinated will have their mobile SIMs “blocked”.

“Mobile SIMs of people not getting vaccinated may be blocked, it was decided in Cabinet meeting under the chair of Minister for Health Dr. Yasmin Rashid at Civil Secretariat,” the Punjab government said in a tweet.


The government included it is opening walk-in immunization to anybody over the age of 18 a long time. There are right now 677 immunization centres working in Punjab.

Right now, over 10.5 million measurements of COVID-19 immunization have been managed over Pakistan, but concurring to the government of Pakistan, it is trusting to reach get that number up to 100 million by June 2022.

The Pakistani government has moreover committed $1.1 billion to get extra dosages of the antibody.

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