Agreeing to the source, a life-size colossal statue of the famous Compassionate and late humanitarian Sir Abdul Sattar Edhi has been put ap at Edhi’s Chowk Quetta, as a tribute to his work and administrations for humanity.

While talking to news Ishaq Lehri who etched the statue said, “I needed to pay a tribute to Edhi for his extraordinary welfare work,” said Ishaq Lehri, The statue, concurring to Lehri, is 16.5 feet long and was completed in April this year The design of Abdul Sattar Edhi is an certain facilitated exertion with People groups Essential Healthcare Established to regard his divine benefit for the country.

On June 16, Anthropologist Sikandar Ali Hullio shared pictures of the statue at Edhi Chowk, Quetta , saying, “This kind of tribute is exceptionally motivating because it breaks the unthinkable of not to shape and put such perfect works of art, in public.” Abdul Sattar Edhi is considered one of the greatest helpful heroes of the world.

He opened the Edhi Foundation. Which then grew to be Pakistan’s largest welfare organization.

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