Captain Jack Sparrow, the some of the time unhinged privateer broadly depicted by Johnny Depp within the Privateers of the Caribbean movies, is coming to Rare’s Ocean of Cheats. Microsoft reported a free Pirates-themed development for the amusementpropelling June 22nd, at its Xbox E3 2021 exhibit.

“Unfolding over five unimaginable stories stuffed with privileged insights and side-quests, this unused campaign gives players a affectionately created story to play solo or with their crew,” Microsoft said in a web journal post. In the modern Ocean of Cheats: A Pirate’s Life development, you’ll work to free Jack Sparrow from jail and dodge interest from the celebrated Privateers of the Caribbean scalawag Davy Jones.

You’ll too investigate “memorable locations” from both the Ocean of Hoodlums and Privateers of the Caribbean franchise.

“The heart of our story investigates what it genuinely implies to be a privateer on the Ocean of Cheats, and this has permitted us not as it were to tap into the more profound meaning of the Privateers of the Caribbean motion pictures and the initial fascination, but moreover

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